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Meike Everaarts was born in the Netherlands and studied fashion in Amsterdam. Afterwards she moved to Italy, where she started working as a freelance designer for various companies and design studios. Unique, What collar are you?, What collar are you in winter?, - Silk Series - and Reversed instead, are her personal projects.

are unique handmade items using swatches of fabrics and samples of accessories recovered from various fashion companies. Normally these swatches are considered waste and renewed each season. Unique is a  continuous developing project. All items can be personaIized on request. They are for sale in the Online shop.

What collar are you?
Collars used to be separated from the body of the shirt; before the invention of the washing machine and the industrial production of shirts caused by the increasing working class in the early '50s. Before the industrialization a collar could tell you all about his wearer: who he was, of which social class, and his occupation.  Can we still consider a collar a reflection of his wearer? “What collar are you” are four proposals of wearing a collar differently; as a necklace, collier, scarf or jabot. Choose yours.
These items are for sale in the Online shop.

What collar are you in winter?
How much do we know about our clothing? It's becoming more and more difficult to control and verify what goes into what we wear, especially with the increase of outsourcing in the fashion industry.  On top of that, craftsmen are finding it more challenging to compete with the mass production garments that flood the market place.  
This second project “What collar are you in winter?” is the complete opposite of the mass production concept which is also environmentally sound.  The project is the result of a collaboration between Meike Everaarts and Maurizio Savoldo who has a laboratory in Sardinia.  He dyes natural fibres and fabrics with dyes obtained from vegetable or animal origin in Sardinia.
The 5 garments in this project are made from merino wool and can be naturally dyed in 26 different colours.  In addition to the traditional solid colour dye, different dyeing methods can be applied to create different effects and textures.

- Silk series -
Collars and more in 100% vintage silk with different prints from the seventies deriving from the archive of Bolognese company Pancaldi. All items are unique and made by hand. These items are for sale in the Online shop.

The lapels (revers) of a jacket underline it's shape and style. Above that they work as a time collocator; the age of a jacket can be derived  from it's lapels. Why not wear this indispensable part without wearing the, often uncomfortable, jacket?

- Ooak -

a project in collaboration with Simone Frabboni
Ooak is a project in collaboration with Simone Frabboni, designer and artisan expert in elaborating wood. He selects his materials in the area between Emilia- Romagna and Tuscany. These species are local, regained and not destined to trade. The materials are transformed in a creative process only by hand.

Ooak because it means One Of A Kind, like our items which are all unique, and Oak because it's the tree that characterizes our area.
All items can be personaIized on request. They are for sale in the Online shop.

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